Introducing Jessette, One of New York City’s Anticipated Fashion Stylists

Jessette was born and raised in Nutley, New Jersey. Jessette's eager and addictive appetite to learning the in's and out's of the fashion styling and publishing industry developed at a very young age. At only five years old, Jessette was able to establish the start of her career. She became a child print-ad model who displayed, advertised and promoted commercial products. By being the face of a K-NEX toy box, she worked with brands such as Bradlees, the Children’s Place, Scholastic, Allegra, Hasbro, Johnson & Johnson, Teen Vogue, PacSun, Seventeen Magazine, Macy's, Converse, Music Choice, etc. During her Blue-Ribbon high school years at Immaculate Heart Academy, she became an active member of the Nordstrom’s B.P. Fashion Board and volunteered frequently throughout the tri-state area as a Teen Vogue It Girl.  

Photo by Anna Bloda.

Jessette completed her undergraduate career on the dean's list with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Her major concentrated in marketing and included an "A" graded Co-op experience interning for one of Atelier Management's stylists, Christopher Campbell.  Her aim involved learning meticulously every aspect of fashion marketing with sincerity and hard work while traveling throughout all boroughs of Manhattan. Helping on set for various publications such as L'Officiel México with Victoria Secret Model, Josephine Skriver, or on ad campaigns for CBSWatch, including commercial gigs for BlackOpal (to only name a few), Jessette learned how to conceptualize an artistic idea and practiced making it into a fashionable and current story.

During her Junior Year at N.J.I.T., an opportunity arose which she was fortunate enough to study abroad in the south of France at SKEMA Business School’s Sophia Antipolis Campus. There she was able to jump start her international accomplishments by assisting Vfiles’ “Third Floor” director, Ruth Gruca, in their Paris Showroom for Fashion Weeks of 2014 and 2015. With more than 19 years of experience in the fashion industry, Jessette's knowledge and time as an Oakley Retail Intelligence Agent and as numerous Brand Ambassadors shows her commitment to being consistently rewarded for her hard work with promotions and increased responsibilities. 

"Youth is about progress, motion, and never backing down." - Document Journal recently looked to the street for fresh faces and asked questions about inspiration in which Jessette, Assistant Producer, spoke as the casted set of "New Kids on the Block". "Quickly making a name for themselves, the devotion illustrated through their clothing redefines the meaning to our industry’s models. The standard assumptions of what is accepted in the mind aesthetically filter the inspiration and pleasure from their authenticity. Awareness is brought to this playful apprehension of never being perfect."

In only 2016, Jessette produced a "Keep it Kosher" Fashion Week event in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. The tour introduced her global mission - guerrilla style. Through an international collaboration of emerging artists and brands dedicated to bringing awareness to our proper consciousness, creatives of all types came together to build an unforgettable multi-interactive entertaining experience consisting of art, fashion, music, technology, food, and beverage. Artists and photographers showcased their work simultaneously live painting and documenting the evening during fashion presentations, live musical performances, and DJ sets.